Frequently asked question

What is e-payment?

It is an online payment gateway that allows you to pay for your hospital services using a credit card.

What type of credit card can be used for this epayment gateway?

Visa, Master and AMEX card.

What do I need to make payment?

You would need to have your credit card and CVV number, and expiry date.

What is the payment limit?

The limit depends on your credit card bank account.

I have made an epayment which was successfully charged to my credit card. I wish to reverse the transaction. Is this possible?

This is not possible as the order amount has been charged to your Visa/Mastercard and the amount debited from your card account. Therefore, no changes can be made to reverse the payment.

Who shall I refer to for enquires of my e-payment transactions?

You may email us at for clarifications of your e-payment transactions.

Can I make payment using multiple credit cards?

Yes you may. However you would need to submit a separate payment request for each credit card.